​​A Private Membership Shooting Range dedicated to creating a safe and enjoyable facility for our members.


     Paul Bunyan is a non-profit organization that is governed by a Board of Directors and series of committee’s that govern the multiple shooting disciplines available to our membership and guests.  All of the club members that fill these positions are volunteers and serve the membership driven by a singular motivation – to establish, keep, and maintain the finest shooting facility we can. The Board of Directors addresses the daily operation of the facility and consists of nine Officers and five Directors. 

     Every year an election for the Board of Directors is conducted during the December General Membership Meeting.  The only positions that are not on the ballot of the annual election are the Past President and one Director who serves a two-year role; these positions are to maintain continuity of the Board from year to year.  Any member in good standing for at least 12 months can place their name on the ballot y other position for the election.  A description of these Officer and Directors can be found in club’s Constitution that is available on our web pages.

     Any member who is interested in getting more involved in the operation of our club is encouraged to attend the monthly General Membership and Board of Directors meeting to gain an insight into how our club is governed, get to know the issues that our club faces, and to help make the decision if this is a commitment they are willing to make to the club.  If a decision is made to get more involved, then you have your name placed on the ballot each year by notifying any current member of the Board of Directors or by notifying the club via email on our website.

     There are other options for getting more involved in the club such as volunteering as a Range Safety Officer; joining in work parties; working with a Committee Chair to run a match, or one you are interested in learning more about; picking up trash or cleaning up, and helping to ensure that your range is operated safely and in compliance with our rules and practices.

​                          1800 OUTDOOR BULLSEYE PISTOL MATCH
                       October 20, 2018  Short Course

Date:                     October 20, 2018, Saturday 

Time:                     Firing starts at 9:00am 

Location:              Paul Bunyan R & S Club,

                                17902 Meridian Ave E.

                                Puyallup, Washington 98373

Rules:                    Current NRA outdoor pistol rules will apply.   

Eligibility:             Open to all shooters. NRA or PBR&SC membership is not required,

but is encouraged. 

Entry Fees:         Entire 1800 $20.00, ($14.13 + 1.37 tax + 4.50 NRA fee)

Individual  900  $10 ($9.05+ $0.95 tax) + a one-time $5.50 NRA 

Entries:                 Advance entries are requested. Post entries will be

accepted until the first relay begins. The match will be limited to 22 competitors. Fees are payable the day of the match.
E-mail advanced entries to Paul Hahn , paulhahn6944@comcast.net.

Scorecards may be picked up at the Stat Office between 8:00am and 9:00am the day of the match.

Arms:                    Caliber .22, and Center Fire pistols

                                and Revolvers. .22 cal. Is first 900, CF is 2nd 900.

Slow Fire will be fired at 25 yards, using B16 reduced SF target. 

Classes:                NRA Classification will apply. Classes may be combined for purposes of awards. Award schedule may be adjusted depending upon number of shooters in a class. 

Officers:               Match Director: TBD, Match Supervisor: Larry Lang 

Refires:                 The refire rule will be in effect.

Challenges:         A $1.00 fee will be assessed for all unsuccessful challenges.

Course of Fire:

Match 1 22 Slow Fire 20 rounds at 25 yards

Match 2 SF Natl match Course 10 rounds at 25 yards

Match 3 TF Natl match Course 10 rounds at 25 yards

Match 4 RF Natl match Course 10 rounds at 25 yards

Match 5 22 Timed Fire 20 rounds at 25 yards

Match 6 22 Rapid Fire 20 rounds at 25 yards

Match 7 22 Aggregate Unfired

Match 9 – 15 Center Fire same as Match 1 - 7

Awards will be made to Open and class winners.

                                                FOWL MATCH
                                                                                              Dave Farrow
All right steel shooters, mark Saturday November 3 on your calendar. Paul Bunyan (PB) will be holding a “fowl match” in the action bays.

You might ask “just what is a fowl match”? PB has chickens (8”) that can be used on the plate racks in the action bays and a stop plate. This will be a mano e mano double elimination match with cash prizes for the top four competitors in each division.

Divisions will be pistol caliber carbine (PCC), open (compensators and optics), and iron sights. Each division will be restricted to 16 competitors and entry fees will be $20 for each division entered. PB will keep 20% to purchase additional steel and paint. The remaining 80% will be divided as follows: 1st place 50%, 2nd place 30%, 3rd place 15%, and 4th place the remaining 5%.

The rules are simple.

Random draw will determine the first round of competition.
Start position will be loaded firearm on table, safety on, muzzle facing directly downrange.
Two magazines of 6 rounds each will be allowed.
Reload required.
6 chickens must be down and then the stop plate can be engaged.
First stop plate down wins the round.
Failure to knock down all chickens before the stop plate means a loss.
If both competitors run out of ammo the mostest the fastest wins
Best 2 out of 3.

The first round will take place at 9 yards, as each level is reached the distance to the plate rack will increase by two yards, thus making it more difficult.

After round 1, the competitor with the fastest time will be allowed to choose which side they want to start on.

Competitors may challenge their opposition to special conditions. i.e. weak hand, strong hand, reduced amount of ammo, shoot plate rack free style, reload and engage stop plate weak hand, etc. only limited by your imagination. If the challenge is accepted – NO WHINING.

Open to Paul Bunyan members only until October 10th. After that date, it will be open to non-club members. If you have any questions, contact me at 253-886-1069 or at pbrsccro@gmail.com. 


Club dues need to be paid before September 1st to keep your membership current.

Click the link below to download the renewal form.