​​A Private Membership Shooting Range dedicated to creating a safe and enjoyable facility for our members.

                                President Mark Curtis Honored with Life Membership

  During the January 27, 2017 General Meeting President Mark Curtis was recognized for his years of support of       the organization and dedication to well being and longevity of the club by being granted Life Member status.  Life  

  Membership is presented to club members by the Board of Directors and Offices for those members who reflect       the same drive and commitment to the organization as Mark does.  He joins only 18 other members that have         received this honor since the inception of the club 70 years ago.

  Mark started as a member in the early 1990's and soon found himself in leadership roles.  He has served as the       Chairman of the Muzzleloading Committee, Booshway of that disciplines Annual Memorial Day Rendezvous,           Board Director, Membership Chairman, Caretaker, and serves the membership as our current President. Mark         has been instrumental in overseeing the construction of the new clubhouse, the successful American Marksman     Regional Championships, and negotiated contracts for income from the Cell Towers and handles many of the           daily issues that arise within an organization the size and scope of  Paul Bunyan.

  Mark can be found at most Black Powder Rendezvous in Western Washington or any place where the firearms       are loaded from the muzzle with black powder and are set off with a flintlock mechanism.  This include events           hosted by the The Northwest Colonial Reenactors Association where Mark serves that organization as its Vice         President & Colonial Encampment Mayor.

We are now accepting new membership applications to join the club.  We will be selecting applicants in turn from a waiting list for the next few months. To be placed on the list, please send an email to us (under the contact us tab above) and we will send you all of the information. 

       2017 Washington State Outdoor Pistol Championship

September 23 & 24


(An NRA Registered Tournament) 

Date/Time:       September 23, 2017: 9:00AM, Saturday. September 24, Sunday will be added if enough participants pre register. Start time will be the same.

                        CMP EIC and NRA DR match: 3:00PM, multiple relays if necessary. 

LOCATION:     Paul Bunyan Rifle and Sportsman's Club
                        17902 Meridian East - Puyallup, WA   98375

Lodging/Food  Camping is allowed at the range, with prior arrangements.                                                   There is no food service at the range. 

Eligibility:        This is a Washington State Rifle & Pistol Association sanctioned state  championship. WSRPA membership or resident state association (for out-of-                             state competitors) membership is required. WSRPA membership applications  will be available at the match. NRA membership is not required. CMP match
                        eligibility is per CMP competition rules. 

Entry Fees:      2700 point State Championship:
                        Entire 2700, $35.00 total, ($22.87 entry fee + $2.13 tax +$7.00 NRA fee + $3.00 WSRPA fee)
                        Individual 900 stage, $10.00 ($9.15 + $0.85 tax) + a one-time $7.00 NRA and  $3.00 WSRPA fee
                        $10.00 CMP fee each for CMP Excellence-in-Competition (EIC) Service Pistol and 22 Rimfire Pistol Matches.
                        $5.00 Distinguished Revolver Match.                
                        Washington State EIC Match, included with 2700

Entries:           Advance entries are requested. Post entries will be accepted until the match  begins. The match will be limited to 22 competitors.                                                                   Fees are payable the day of the match.
                        E-mail entries to:  Paul Hahn, paulhahn6944@comcast.net 

Rules:              Current NRA Conventional Outdoor Pistol rules will govern

Squadding:      All Matches will be squadded. Check in at the Stat Office between 8:30 AM and  9:00 AM. 

Classifications: The NRA classification system will apply.

Scoring:          Target repairs and scoring is competitor’s responsibility. A returnable fee of   $1.00 posted on challenges. 

Course of Fire: Match 1 22 Slow Fire 20 Rounds at 50 yards

                        Match 2 22 National Match Course 30 Rounds (50 & 25 yds)

                        Match 3 22 Timed Fire 20 rounds at 25 yards

                        Match 4 22 Rapid Fire 20 rounds at 25 yards

                        Matches 6-9 Center Fire same as Match 1 - 4

                        Matches 11-14 45 same as Match 1 - 4

                        Match 5 22 Aggregate

                        Match 10 CF Aggregate

                        Match 15 45 Aggregate

                        Match 16 Grand Aggregate 

  Awards:           Awards for first place will be made if class has 3 competitors. Second place  awards will be made in classes having 5 or more entries. There must be three                           competitors in any class to receive awards; less than three, competitors will  compete in the next higher class.

                        Weighing of triggers and firearm inspection for both the Distinguished Revolver  match and the CMP EIC Matches will start during the lunch break and continue                                   until the match starts.

                                                                                                          Lunch will not be provided.
                                                                                                  The clubhouse will not be available
                                                                             Bring your own or there are places to purchase fast food nearby.


                     MT RAINIER PISTOL LEAGUE
This league is an NRA approved, .22-caliber Outdoor Bullseye Pistol League, 60 shots, using any pistol or revolver and will be conducted in accordance with the NRA Conventional Pistol rules.

The course of fire is 20 shots slow fire, 20 shots timed and 20 shots rapid fire, all shots from 25 yards. Slow fire will use the B16 reduced slow fire targets. The timed and rapid fire will use turning targets. Weekly and ongoing match results will be printed and distributed throughout the duration of the league. You will have 10 weeks to post 8 scores for record.

Location:    Paul Bunyan Rifle & Sportsman’s Club 17902 Meridian Ave E, Puyallup, WA 98375

Dates: Sep. 7 Sep. 14 Sep. 21 Sep. 28 Oct. 5 Oct. 12 Oct. 19 Oct 26 Nov. 9 Nov. 16  Final match (one relay only) Prize drawing

Time: 5:00 PM relay # 1 6:15 PM relay # 2

Cost:  $25.00 for the entire league. You may shoot ahead, practice or make up a match, as space is available on 2nd relay. First relay score is a submitted record.

Cash awards and drawing prizes will be given out at the end of the league for all classifications.

For more information contact: Larry Lang 8106 201st Street E Spanaway. WA 98387 Phone 206-617-9630 Email tenringwobble@gmail.com