2018 Washington State Outdoor REGIONAL Pistol Championship

                                                                                                   July 7, 2018
                                                                                   (An NRA Registered Tournament) 

Time:               Regional Championship:            9:00AM
                        CMP EIC and NRA DR match:   3:00PM (multiple relays if necessary)
Location:          Paul Bunyan Rifle and Sportsman's Club
                        17902 Meridian East,
                        Puyallup, WA   98375
Lodging/Food:  Camping is allowed at the range, with prior arrangements.  There is no food service at the range.

Eligibility:        Open to all personnel meeting the requirements in section  2.2 of the rule book.  WSRPA membership is required for the WA State EIC match.  NRA membership is not required.  CMP match eligibility is per CMP competition rules.


Entry Fees:      2700 point Regional Championship:       
Entire 2700, $40.00 total, ($26.39 entry fee +$2.61 tax +$8.00 NRA fee +$3.00 WSRPA fee)
Individual 900 stage, $10.00 ($9.10 + $0.90 tax) + one time $8.00 NRA and $3.00 WSRPA CMP Excellence-in-Competition (EIC) Service Pistol and 22 Rimfire Matches:              
$10.00 CMP fee each
NRA Distinguished Revolver Match:                           
$5.00 NRA fee
Washington State EIC Match                                    
Included with 2700
Entries:   Advance entries are recommended.  Only 22 spots available.  Post entries will be accepted until the first relay begins if there are openings.  Fees are payable the day of the match.   E-mail entries to Paul Hahn at:  paulhahn6944@comcast.net

Officers:           Match Director:              Paul Hahn
                        Chief Range Officer:     Rick Manley
                        Statistical Officer:          Larry Lang

Rules:              Current NRA Precision Outdoor Pistol rules will govern.
Squadding:      All Matches will be squadded.  Check in at the Pistol Range between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM.
Classifications: The NRA classification system will apply. 
Scoring:     Target repairs and scoring is competitor’s responsibility. A returnable fee of $1.00  posted on  challenges.
Course of Fire and Awards continued on page 2.

Course of Fire:
Match 1
22 Slow Fire
20 Rounds at 50 yards

Match 2
22 National Match Course
30 Rounds (50 & 25 yds)

Match 3
22 Timed Fire
20 rounds at 25 yards

Match 4
22 Rapid Fire
20 rounds at 25 yards 

Matches 6-9
Center Fire
same as Match 1 - 4

Matches 11-14
same as Match 1 - 4        

Match 5
22 Aggregate 

Match 10
CF Aggregate 

Match 15
45 Aggregate 

Match 16
Grand Aggregate

Awards for first place will be made if class has 3 competitors.  Second place awards will be made in classes having 5 or more entries.  There must be three competitors in any class to receive awards; less than three, competitors will compete in the next higher class.  NRA medals will be presented to the top 3 competitors.

Weighing of triggers and firearm inspection for both the Distinguished Revolver match and the CMP EIC Matches will start during the lunch break and continue until the match starts. 

Lunch will NOT be provided. Bring your own or there are places to purchase fast food nearby.



On the evening of June 12th, Rocky Walston will once again host a troup of Boy Scouts on the pistol range as they attempt to earn merit badges for shooting. The pistol range will not be closed to general membership use. However, expect it to be busier than normal from about 6PM to 9PM. 

​​A Private Membership Shooting Range dedicated to creating a safe and enjoyable facility for our members.

​​​                                NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course

The Paul Bunyan Rifle & Sportsman's Club will host a NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course (ILT) APRIL 28-29.  The ten-hour course will be taught by NRA Certified Instructors and will cover the basics of safe and proper gun handling and pistol shooting.  Participants will learn about firearm safety, parts and operation, shooting fundamentals, care and cleaning, storage options, selection, and more.  Course hours are 9 AM - 4 PM both days.  To obtain a registration packet, send an email with your name, address and phone number to spindleblaster@msn.com (preferred) or phone Dennis at 253-841-9309. Advance registration and deposit of course fee ($35) is required. Seating is limited to the first 14 students to register.  Membership in Paul Bunyan R&S Club and/or the NRA is not required in order to attend this course.

                                                                                  Upcoming classes at Paul Bunyan R&S Club:
                                                                            June 23-24: NRA Personal Protection In The Home Course
                                                                            July 28-29: NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home Course
                                                                            Aug 4 (Sat): advanced portion of PPOTH


WHEN: Sunday June 24th at 9AM                                  

 WHERE: Paul Bunyan R&S Rifle Range

COST: $10     $5- for octogenarians or juniors

This will be a fun club match fired on the Cast Bullet Association’s Official Score Target. Shooters will compete in one of two classes: match class or sporter class (see below). The target consists of 6 bulls; a sighter marked “S” and 5 bulls for score marked 1 thru 5. You will be shooting a total of ten target cards, five at 100 yards (25 rounds) and five at 200 yards (25 rounds), each with a 10 minute time limit per card. The course of fire is one shot per bull, except for the sighter bull, which may have as many hits as desired. The score bulls do not have to be fired in any particular order, but may have only one hit each. Two hits on a bull will be scored with the lowest value and no hit on a bull will be scored as a miss, zero. The match will take approximately 3 hours to complete. I strongly recommend you take the time to sight your rifle for each distance and record the settings as there will be no extra time allowed for trying to “find paper”. After the first round is fired, there will be no refunds.

FIREARMS: Any rifle chambered for the .22 long rifle (RF) cartridge.

MATCH RIFLE: Any rifle designed and intended for match shooting, including but not limited to Remington 40X 500 series, Winchester 52 and 75 series, BSA Martinis, Anschutz, Stevens 700 series, or any rifle otherwise deemed as such by the match director.
SPORTING RIFLE: Any rifle designed and intended for general hunting, plinking, or informal target shooting. These may be tricked up to enhance the performance or looks or any other rifle otherwise deemed acceptable as such by the match director.
SIGHTS: any scope or iron sight combination. There will be no distinction or class between irons and scopes. Bear in mind, iron sights will be an extreme disadvantage.

If you have questions, please contact Mitch Migliaccio at yellowing@comcast.net


     Paul Bunyan is a non-profit organization that is governed by a Board of Directors and series of committee’s that govern the multiple shooting disciplines available to our membership and guests.  All of the club members that fill these positions are volunteers and serve the membership driven by a singular motivation – to establish, keep, and maintain the finest shooting facility we can. The Board of Directors addresses the daily operation of the facility and consists of nine Officers and five Directors. 

     Every year an election for the Board of Directors is conducted during the December General Membership Meeting.  The only positions that are not on the ballot of the annual election are the Past President and one Director who serves a two-year role; these positions are to maintain continuity of the Board from year to year.  Any member in good standing for at least 12 months can place their name on the ballot y other position for the election.  A description of these Officer and Directors can be found in club’s Constitution that is available on our web pages.

     Any member who is interested in getting more involved in the operation of our club is encouraged to attend the monthly General Membership and Board of Directors meeting to gain an insight into how our club is governed, get to know the issues that our club faces, and to help make the decision if this is a commitment they are willing to make to the club.  If a decision is made to get more involved, then you have your name placed on the ballot each year by notifying any current member of the Board of Directors or by notifying the club via email on our website.

     There are other options for getting more involved in the club such as volunteering as a Range Safety Officer; joining in work parties; working with a Committee Chair to run a match, or one you are interested in learning more about; picking up trash or cleaning up, and helping to ensure that your range is operated safely and in compliance with our rules and practices.