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A couple of times a year, we hold black powder cartridge rifle (BPCR) matches that are shot from the 600 yd line. There are two classifications, standard black powder rifle classification and a fun classification. The standard class is for anyone shooting a rifle chambered in a caliber that was originally loaded with black powder. The fun class is for anyone that doesn’t have a black powder cartridge rifle. They can shoot any rifle and any cartridge loaded with smokeless powder with jacketed or lead bullets. We shoot two relays. The first relay is on the firing line and one in the pits pulling and marking targets. After the first relay is done, we trade positions to allow the pit crew to have their chance at the firing line. This is a 40 round match. Shooters will have 15 minutes for sighting in. The first target is 15 minutes for 10 shots for group. The next two targets are 25 minutes each for 15 shots for score. Shooters may shoot from any position they like i.e. prone, sitting or bench. Contact the match director if you have any questions.

Black Powder Cartridge