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Bullseye Pistol, recently dubbed "Precision Pistol", traces its beginnings back to the early days of handgun competition.
It is a one handed pistol sport that has three stages:

  • Slow Fire is one or more 10 shot strings in 10 minutes, usually fired from 50 yards.
  • Timed Fire is two or more 5 shot strings in 20 second, usually fired from 25 yards. In most cases the targets will be on edge and will face, beginning the time. After 20 seconds the targets will edge.
  • Rapid Fire is like  Timed Fire with just 10 seconds. Both TF and RF are repeated for a total of 20 rounds each.

This is the basics, often a tournament will contain other special matches for such as Service Pistol or even Revolver.
Matches include .22, any center fire from .32 to .45 and the .45 match. Any pistol or revolver may be used, but semi-automatics are preferred.

These matches are sanctioned by the National Rifle Association that provides the rules and classifications depending upon the individual shooters skill.

Bullseye Pistol