​​A Private Membership Shooting Range dedicated to creating a safe and enjoyable facility for our members.

Ladies League

Since the inception of the Ladies’ Shooting League in April of 2015, we have had tremendous success in introducing women of all skill levels to this wonderful program at Paul Bunyan. Ladies of varying skill levels practice their fundamentals (sight acquisition, trigger control, grip/stance, breathing control) while under the supervision of an NRA-certified instructor.

Our events occur twice a month (first Wednesday evening and third Sunday afternoon) and typically have attendance of anywhere from 6-20 ladies at any given event. In addition to target practice, the women of the Ladies Shooting League work on the Winchester Marksmanship program to give our members a focus and objective to constantly evolve our skill level. Our members continually challenge themselves to grow in the shooting sport by working on accuracy and speed in a safe manner. Through involvement with the league, some of the women have also participated in USPSA, steel challenge matches, and trap.