​​A Private Membership Shooting Range dedicated to creating a safe and enjoyable facility for our members.

Standard Operating Procedures

Date: October 19, 2012

SECTION I, Membership

(A) Individuals seeking membership to the Club must both attend a New Member Orientation and be voted into the organization by the General Membership. Additional requirements for entry to the club will include a $110 initiation fee and membership in the National Rifle Association at the time of application.

1. New Member Orientation will take place second Sunday of each month in the clubhouse starting at 4 p.m.
2. Fees due the club along with NRA Membership Dues as appropriate will be collected at the time of the orientation.
3. New Member Applicants will be briefed on:
a.) The rules and structure of the organization.
b.) Detailed coverage of all General and Range Rules.
c.) A walking tour of the club.
4. Upon being voted into the club by the General Membership new members will be awarded full privileges as club members as outlined in the clubs Constitution and By- Laws.


(A) The General and Range Rules will be briefed at all New Member Orientation sessions and will be presented to the General Membership throughout the year in the Bull Sheet, on the ranges, and be made available at all General, Board, and Special Meetings.
(B) General Range Rules will be posted along the individual ranges rules at all ranges.

SECTION III, Expenditure and Income Tracking

(A) No club member, Director, or Officer will be required to expend personal funds for the operation of the club. Costs of business will be monitored by the Board of Directors and the General Membership.
(B) Expenditures exceeding $1000, unless they are of an emergent nature, will be approved by the General Membership.

(C) Members, Directors, and Officers asking for reimbursement for expenditures occurred during the operation of the club will:
1.) Retain all receipts and records of expenditures.
2.) Submit to the Treasurer all receipts with a Paul Bunyan Rifle Club Expense Voucher.

3.) The Treasurer will record the expense against the appropriate budget group and issue a check for the amount to be reimbursed.
(D) Income in the form of fees for match entry, New Membership, Initiation, and other income will be submitted to the Treasure using the XXXX form and recorded in the appropriate budget group.

SECTION IV, Annual Committee Calendar & Budget Requests

(A) Budget and calendar requests will be compiled and presented annually to the Board of Directors. The calendar will be presented at the November Board of Directors Meeting with the budget presented at the December meeting.
(B) Calendar requests will be submitted to the Vice President by the chairs of the clubs Standing Committees no later than the October Board of Directors Meeting using the Standing Committee Calendar Request Form and will include.

(C) A full listing of all events that block other members from using the clubs ranges and facilities, start and ending time, ranges and other resources such as clubhouse that are requested and repetition frequency of the event.
(D) To resolve conflicts in the use of the range and its resources the order of consideration will be:

1. The Junior Program.
2. The Hunters Education Program.
3. NRA sponsored Regional or State Championship Matches.
4. Hunters Sight-In.
5. Other discipline sponsored Regional or State Championship Matches.
6. Matches or activities that support standing committees.
7. Events that are open to the general public that are not part of a standing committee.