​​A Private Membership Shooting Range dedicated to creating a safe and enjoyable facility for our members.

NO metal targets allowed.
NO fully automatic firearms.
NO birdshot or aerial targets.
NO drawing pistols from holsters.
NO magazines loaded with more than 8 rounds.
NO rapid firing – more than one round per second.

NO armor piercing, incendiary or tracer ammunition. 

Shooting position gates are not to be used for range access.

  • Members and guests MUST sign in with a PBRSC range safety officer (RSO) at the rifle range regardless of the range being used. If there is no RSO on duty, sign in on the clipboard hanging on the RSO shack. 
  • Targets will be hung so ALL rounds that miss or pass through the target will impact a berm.
  • Targets are posted in designated target frames or target holder.
  • Targets are not to be hung from baffles or posts or closer than 7 yards – the closest baffle to the target line.
  • Unspent ammo and cases must be placed in the appropriate boxes on the line.
  • Pistol with standard pistol calibers only – pistol with traditional rifle cartridges MUST use the rifle range.
  • All range lights will turned off when nobody is on the range or in the impact area.
  • 22 Long Rifle rim fire and air guns are the only rifles that may be used on the pistol range.
  • All firearms are to be cased and uncased on the firing line with the barrels pointed down range.
  • First aid kits and Range Incident Reports are available from Range officers.

Pistol Range Rules