NEVER load a firearm except on the firing lines.

NEVER handle a firearm while people are downrange.
NEVER bring a loaded or concealed firearm in the clubhouse.
NEVER assume a firearm is unloaded – check it to be sure and leave the action open while on the firing line.
NEVER put your finger on the trigger or take the firearm off safe unless you are ready to shoot and the firearm is pointing towards

the targets and impact areas


  • Shooting times are from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. 

  • Members and guests MUST sign in with a PBRSC range safety officer (RSO) at the rifle range regardless of the range being used. If there is no RSO on duty, sign in on the clipboard hanging on the RSO shack. 

  • Match Directors, Committee Chairs or their representatives hosting events will be responsible for notifying the PBRSO of range opening and closing and they will be responsible for signing in members and guests.

  • It is the obligation of all members to bring any unsafe condition or action to the attention of the on duty Range Officer or in the absence of a Range Officer to the member causing the unsafe action.

  • Range Officers represent the membership and are there to insure safe operation of the range.

  • All ranges are closed during all meetings of the General Membership.

  • Eye and ear protection is required for all ranges during live fire.

  • No fully automatic firearms allowed.

  • Insure all shooters are aware of cease fires and all firearms are safe before going down range.

  • No handling or cleaning of firearms on the line while persons are downrange.

  • Case and uncase on the firing line with the firearm pointed towards the impact area for the range you are using.

  • All firearms will be unloaded unless they are on the firing line.

  • Shooters will clean up their shooting and target areas of trash and all casings.

  • ​Unspent ammo and cases must be placed in the appropriate boxes on the line.

  • Insure no persons are downrange or in the impact area before firing.

  • No shooting except from designated firing lines.

  • No alcoholic beverages before or while shooting.

  • No climbing on berms or retaining walls.

  • Bottles, cans, and other targets that may cause ricochets or leave debris on the range are not allowed.

  • No smoking while handling black powder or black powder substitutes.

  • First aid kits and Range Incident Reports are available from Range Officers.

  • Exposed firearms will have their actions open and magazines removed expect when on the firing line.

  • Members are responsible for moving target frames to the sides of all the ranges when they are finished shooting.

  • Targets with human facial features are considered to be in poor taste and are not allowed.


​​A Private Membership Shooting Range dedicated to creating a safe and enjoyable facility for our members.

General Range Rules