​​A Private Membership Shooting Range dedicated to creating a safe and enjoyable facility for our members.

NO birdshot.
NO .50 BMG.
NO aerial shooting.
NO fully automatic firearms.
NO drawing pistols from holster
NO Magazines loaded with more than 8 rounds.
NO rapid firing-more than one round per second.
NO armor piercing, incendiary or tracer ammunition.

  • Members and guests MUST sign in with Range Officer.
  • All firearms not on the firing line will be racked, unloaded, with their actions open muzzle up.
  • Before going downrange insure all shooters are aware of the cease fire, have unloaded their firearms, and have stepped back from the firing line.
  • The Red Lights are used to indicate persons are down range only – they are NOT used to call a cease fire – switches are located near all firing points.
  • All shooters that go downrange will turn on a Red Light switch – the lights go out only when all switches are turned off.
  • No firearms will be handled while persons are downrange and the Red Lights are turned on.
  • Targets will be hung so ALL rounds that miss or pass through the target will impact a berm.
  • Eye and ear protection is required during live firing for all persons on the firing line.
  • Members are responsible for cleaning up their targets, firing line area, and moving target frames to the sides of the range when they are finished shooting.
  • Unspent ammo and cases may be placed in the appropriate boxes on the line.
  • Wood stoves may be used for the comfort of the shooter - insure the fires are such that they will safely extinguish themselves shortly after shooters leave the range.
  • During scheduled Hunter Sight-In members will give precedence to non-club members.
  • All range lights will be turned off when nobody is on the range or in the impact area.
  • First aid kits and Range Incident Reports are available from Range Officers.
  • Paper targets are not to be posted closer than 25 yards, metal targets no closer than 40 yards.
  • No Shooting beyond the 200 yard line except when approved in advance and in accordance with club rules.

Rifle Range Rules