​​A Private Membership Shooting Range dedicated to creating a safe and enjoyable facility for our members.

NO birdshot.
NO .50 BMG.
NO aerial shooting.
NO fully automatic firearms.
NO drawing pistols from holster
NO Magazines loaded with more than 8 rounds.
NO rapid firing-more than one round per second.
NO armor piercing, incendiary or tracer ammunition.

  • Members and guests MUST sign in with a PBRSC range safety officer (RSO) at the rifle range regardless of the range being used. If there is no RSO on duty, sign in on the clipboard hanging on the RSO shack. 
  • All firearms not on the firing line will be racked, unloaded, with their actions open muzzle up.
  • Before going downrange insure all shooters are aware of the cease fire, have unloaded their firearms, and have stepped back from the firing line.
  • The Red Lights are used to indicate persons are down range only – they are NOT used to call a cease fire – red light switches are located near all firing points.
  • All shooters that go downrange will turn on a Red Light switch – the lights go out only when all switches are turned off.
  • No firearms will be handled while persons are downrange and the Red Lights are turned on.
  • Targets will be hung so ALL rounds that miss or pass through the target will impact a berm.
  • Eye and ear protection is required during live firing for all persons on the firing line.
  • Members are responsible for cleaning up their targets, firing line area, and moving target frames to the sides of the range when they are finished shooting.
  • Unspent ammo and cases must be placed in the appropriate boxes on the line.
  • Wood stoves may be used for the comfort of the shooter - insure the fires are such that they will safely extinguish themselves shortly after shooters leave the range.
  • During scheduled Hunter Sight-In members will give precedence to non-club members.
  • All range lights will be turned off when nobody is on the range or in the impact area.
  • First aid kits and Range Incident Reports are available from Range Officers.
  • Paper targets are not to be posted closer than 25 yards, metal targets no closer than 40 yards.
  • No Shooting beyond the 200 yard line except when approved in advance and in accordance with club rules.

Rifle Range Rules