​The Paul Bunyan Sportsman Club offers a wide selection of shooting disciplines; some formal that are conducted under a strict set of rules established by a governing organization while others are centered around a group of shooters who enjoy a similar type of firearm or event.

​Some of our more formal matches with the rifle that include Small Bore, High Power, and Black Powder Cartridge.  These are governed by the National Rifle Association (NRA).  Formal pistol matches include Bullseye Pistol governed by the NRA or ISPC which is governed by International Practical Shooting Confederation

​Informal disciples include the Ladies League which is designed for women to learn and enjoy pistol shooting but may include learning about other disciplines or firearms. 

Traditional Muzzleloading celebrates the rifles and pistol used over 200 years ago. Matches for this discipline rarely use the same set of targets for their matches, rather, they offer a wide range of targets from hanging steel, paper, or items such as balloons, ax heads, playing cards, or other targets that might have been used centuries ago.

​Our membership and their guests can find a group of dedicated shooters that enjoy the safe shooting and competition, or just having fun, with others that share their passion.

Our Shooting Disciplines

are Formal or Informal

​​A Private Membership Shooting Range dedicated to creating a safe and enjoyable facility for our members.