The facilities at YOUR club are maintained by our members, Caretakers, and the Board of Directors.  The vast majority of our members strive to maintain a safe and comfortable place for themselves, other members, and guests to enjoy the shooting sports.  Occasionally, someone decides that they will not respect their fellow members and guests by vandalizing the club property and using their firearms in a manner that is in opposition to the clubs rules and policies.

Someone  on the Pistol Range decided they would intentionally destroy club property and violate our Safety Rules.  They choose to turn a target frame sideways and tried to shoot it half with their pistol.  In doing so they fired directly into the ground and not into a ground baffle which guarantees that all rounds are contained in the range complex.  Not only was this act unneeded and is a clear violation of the Range Rules; but also is NOT an action that is representative our over 1200 responsible members.

Our complex is covered by video cameras and members of the Board of Directors, Range Safety Officers, and the Disciplinary Committee will be reviewing those recordings to try to identify the person(s) who caused this damage and take action to insure that this action is not repeated.

It is the responsibility of all of our members to safe guard the facilities and report actions such as this.  If anyone is aware of who committed this act they are encouraged to notify any Range Safety Officer, any of member of the Board of Directors, or the email the BullSheet Editor.

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